Small Group Library

I am passionate about small groups! Ever since I joined my first covenant discipleship group in college, I've been a part of some form of small group. What keeps me coming back to small groups are the ways in which they've helped me to experience growth in grace over the years. Whether a Disciple Bible Study or a Celebrate Recovery Step Study, God has used these intimate experiences of Christian community to help me grow more deeply in love with God and others, more willing to take risks, more attentive to God's Spirit, and even more able to love myself. 

One way a church can grow more fruitful is by cultivating small groups. Vital congregations are moving away from pastor-led Bible studies (which are often more informational than transformational) and towards small groups led by ordinary Jesus followers. What if, instead of leading a Bible study this fall, your pastor invested in training two or three people who might lead small groups? This way of thinking is based on kingdom principles of multiplication and disciple-making. 

In today's world, leading an impactful small group is easier than ever before. DVD's and online videos of first-rate Biblical teachers abound! It took a while, but I finally accepted that many of these teachers are far more effective presenters than I am. Let these present the content through video, and then the small group leader can facilitate discussion and deeper exploration of what was presented. But even more fruitful are intentional discipleship groups where the followers' own lives and daily spiritual practices are the lenses through which they encourage, support, and hold one another accountable. 

As a pastor, a frequent question to me was, "Can you help our small group to find a study?" For years now I have purchased and collected quality small group curricula for the small group leaders in my congregations. I'm making these available in the District Office. Instead of having to buy a sample of the materials, you can drop by the District Office. To make your job easier, here's a link to my curriculum library so you can see what I have without coming to the office. 

You're welcome to come by anytime, peruse what I have, and borrow for as long as you need it. Save yourself the expense of purchasing a DVD, and just borrow mine to lend to your small group leader!

If you're interested in learning more about how to train small group leaders, or organize a small group ministry, please reach out to me at I'm considering offering a training, but would like to see what level of interest there might be.

Your brother in Christ,
Rev. Brad Dulaney
Assistant to the District Superintendent